Greetings, fellow fireplace enthusiasts! My name is Aracely Garcia, and I am the operator of

Welcome to that I’ve lovingly crafted to bring you the most delightful selection of fireplace screens you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Crackling fire, a snug blanket, and your favorite book in hand. Ah, the joys of a perfect evening by the fireplace!

But if not careful, sparks can jump out of the fireplace, so for safety reasons, I have been looking for a suitable fireplace covering.

By chance, I came across a fireplace screen, which not only adds a touch of style to the home but also prevents sparks and embers from flying into the room, reducing the risk of fires.

I want to share the fireplace screen with more families, protecting their rooms, so I created

At, I offer you a curated collection of fireplace screens that embrace both style and security.

When it comes to elegance, nothing beats the timeless charm of a Metal Fireplace Screen. As the flames dance behind its ornate patterns, you’ll find yourself utterly enchanted.

Step into the realm of rustic allure with our Iron Fireplace Screens. Crafted from sturdy iron, these Iron Fireplace Screens serve as guardians of your cozy haven. Embrace the vintage vibe while basking in the warm glow of ultimate safety.

For those who seek a perfect marriage of strength and sophistication, our Alloy Steel Fireplace Screen is your answer. With its modern design and impeccable durability, you’ll find yourself falling in love with safety all over again.

Our Powder Coated Fireplace Screens not only ensure safety but also come in an array of stunning colors. Blaze through life with style and a touch of playfulness!

Join me in embracing the magic of fireplace screens, where safety and style join hands to bring warmth and convenience to our lives.

Thank you for being a part of this cozy adventure, and remember: when life gets chilly, we’ve got your back – or rather, your fireplace screen!